Welcome to my home page for translations.


My name is Konstantin Kolev and I am from Bulgaria. I live and work in Sofia. I have been dealing with translation and teaching more than 13 years. I have been licensed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Republic of Bulgaria as a translator from and to Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Spanish, English, Russian and Bulgarian. I teach Swedish, English and Spanish. In the respective countries, I have successfully passed the exams for obtaining internationally recognized certificates for proficiency in Swedish, Finnish, Spanish, English and Russian..

I have got my PhD in Art Studies and Cultural History from New Bulgarian University in Sofia. I have a Master’s degree in Nordic Studies (Scandinavian and Finnish) from St. Kliment Ohridski University of Sofia. At the same university I graduated in Spanish Philology and International Relations. At the University of Sweden in Malmö, Southern Sweden, I completed my Master’s Degree in International Relations with a major in Conflicts.

1) Diplomas:

Ph.D diploma
испанска филология
Bachelor in Spanish studies
Master in Nordic studies
международни отношения
Bachelor in International relations
магистър международни отношения
Master in International relations



английски c1
English language, level C1
English language, level C1
English language, academic writing
испански език C2
Spanish language, level C2
шведски език C1
Swedish language, level C1
шведски език C1
Swedish language C1
руски език B1
Russian language, level B1
фински език B1
Finnish language, level B1